Goth Halloween gifts


Many people enjoy the look of Gothic architecture, and teenagers took that idea and turned it into a music, makeup and clothing style known as Goth.  Goth gifts are perfect for Halloween, and create the style that you want in your home during this fun fall holiday season.  Even though teenagers are a little too old to dress up for trick or treating, they do enjoy dressing up and having parties around this event, as do adults, and gothic gifts could be quite appropriate for this sort of occasion.  Goth gifts are also a nice choice if you have been invited to a Halloween party, and are looking for a wonderful hostess gift to take with you.

A fabulous artist that creates figurines and other fine collectibles is Jasmine Becket Griffith.  She features a Goth style in all of her lovely artwork, and these types of figurines and products are perfect to give as Gothic gifts.  

You might select a Fairy and Dragon figurine, for example.  The young girl figurine has two-toned hair of black with red around the face, and the fairy features red wings and red and black tights.  In her arms she clasps a beautiful red baby dragon.  If you like this Jasmine Beckett Griffith figurine, you can also get the same figurine mounted on a  full-sized red dragon.  

You could also choose a Mystical Fairy figurine by this popular artist.  The figurine has black hair with turquoise around the face, and the beautifully detailed wings are turquoise edged in black.  In her hands she holds a baby wolf.  

Griffith has also created a figurine that gives a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research.  The Breast Cancer Support Fairy has the recognizable pink wings, and wears a pink ribbon around her neck.  

Another look from Griffith features a Dragon Fairy Doll, who wears a Goth-looking purple and black top with a lavender slit skirt.  The wings feature complementary turquoise, pink and green colors, and the figurine’s eyes are a brilliant green as well.  In her hands she holds a crystal ball with a dragon head depicted inside.

For something completely different, you may want to give a wall clock.  There are dragon fantasy art cuckoo clocks available that have a Goth motif.  A collectible such as this will be appreciated for years to come.

Websites offering fine collectibles are the place to look for Gothic gifts such as these.