Gorgeous Christina Aguilera in ?Burlesque?


“Burlesque” – an American contemporary musical film – is directed and written by Steve Antin starring Christina Aguilera, Cher, Kristen Bell and Stanley Tucci. The main character in “Burlesque” is Ali (played by Christina) who has beautiful voice decides to leave her poor hometown for Los Angeles in order to pursue her musical dreams. She works as a cocktail waitress for Tess (acted by Cher). Soon Ali makes friends with dancer Georgia to gain experiences. However, she always gets into trouble with jealous performer Nikki. With intense passion, Ali is detected by the club manager and has opportunity to perform on stage.


Burlesque” is considered the first movie of Christina Aguilera. In addition to the role as Ali, she also takes over the music videos with Sia Furler and Samuel Dixon. Twelve new songs and many distinctive dances promise to heat the big screen at the end of this year.


“Burlesque” is an upcoming American contemporary musical film


Aguilera plays an ambitious small-town girl with a big voice


Cher is set to co-star in this film, her first starring role in a decade and first musical film


Tess played by Cher is the club’s proprietor and headliner


Christina Aguilera and Cher at their first film, “Burlesque”


“Burlesque” by Steven Antin will be introduced on November 24th, 2010




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