Google Mobile Interstitial Penalty, AdSense Ad Limit, Bing Expanded Ads & Games

Google Mobile Interstitial Penalty, AdSense Ad Limit, Bing Expanded Ads & Games – This week I cover the new upcoming Google intrusive mobile interstitial penalty that is coming January 10th. Google won’t be building a testing tool for this penalty, despite most webmasters wanting it. Yelp’s CEO is very against this new penalty and takes it out on a local SEO expert. Google is going to drop the mobile friendly label, that doesn’t mean the mobile friendly ranking signal is going anywhere. Google has done away with the 3 ads limit per page for AdSense ads. Google’s index status report is being fixed now. Google said they support rel canonical for PDFs and they said 410s aren’t bad for indexing either. Google’s title selection for the search results may be questionable. Google is testing the card style layout. Google home service ads in mobile is being tested in the carousels. Bing Ads opened expanded text ads to all customers. Google AdWords said expanded text ads do not getting a rankin boost. Google has a weird ** search bug. And I don’t know why Google added games such as tic-tac-toe and solitaire to the search results. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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