Google may pull out of China


To us and many other countries, Google provides High Speed Internet the tool we use to find anything we are looking for on the web today. There are other search engines out there like Yahoo, and Bing but Google remains the most used search engine in the United States today. For us we can openly search for any information we want to without restrictions, but for citizens in China it’s not the same.


Unlike major companies that fear losing such a big market by not having service in China. Google announced that they might be severing ties with China due to the major restrictions the Chinese government places on companies that advertise or do business in China.


For a while now Google has been contemplating closing down they’re headquarters in the Beijing high tech district. Yahoo was one of the first major companies to pull years ago after having continuous run ins with the Chinese government over censorship issues.


The Chinese governments continuously blocks Google sites like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter and constantly watches what is put out on the Internet. Many people feel that the government has taken away the countries rights to freedom of speech by doing so. And with Google pulling out 360 million users will no longer be able to access the popular search giant other products like Google Maps, Gmail, Free music downloads, and Google Voice, which allows users to make phone calls over the Internet.


Right now google accounts for 32% of the search revenue in China, which some experts predict is valued at over $ 600 million annually. But for a company that brings in $ 22 Billion annually they are able to afford to lose the business as they look for other outlets and ways to replace the loss of China.


For now both sides are trying to work out a way that allows both sides to feel comfortable with the other. For Google they just want to be able to continue supplying the country with the same service they provide elsewhere. But the Chinese government is set in their ways and does not agree with the citizens of the country freely looking up any information they want without any repercussion.


By: Frank Bilotta