Google Ends Censorship in China


It was January 13th that Google announced to stop censoring search result in China after a lot of cyber attack they found out in mid- December last year from China, which made off with intellectual property of Google and in case Chinese government does not like, it will pull out this market. After the investigation, it became more obvious that lots of other countries were similarly targeted, including finance, technology, Internet, media, and chemical.


Google has declared to stop censoring search results in China


The investigation showed that lots of Gmail accounts from US, China, Europe has been attacked by third parties via phishing scams or malware but not a security breach at Google.Despite of Google‘s preventative measures, the attacks’ nature has pushed the search giant to go a further step.


Google told that it no longer wants to censor China


Google told that it no longer wants to censor China, so it will discuss whether to provide this country with unfiltered results. If that isn’t viable, Google will be likely to shut down and its offices in this country.


The Chinese’s reaction to Google’s announcement about stopping censoring


The largest news website of Tibet, has shut itself down in honor of SFT’s protest against Google’s censorship in China and Tibet