Google AdWords Tips – How to Do Accurate Testing For Maximum Profits


If you are doing pay per click marketing, such as Google AdWords & Yahoo Search Marketing, testing is not enough! You must set up your campaigns to facilitate accurate testing. When you get your numbers, you must know how to interpret so that you will know what to tweak in order to get maximum profits.

Rotate Ads Evenly

Always test at least 2 pay per click ads. Within your settings, you must set your ads to rotate evenly so that both ads will have the same amount of exposure. In this way, you can clearly determine which ad performs better for you.

Number Of Clicks

When I started out, I was told that I usually need to get at least 30 clicks before I determine which ad is better. This is not 100% true. You are about to see why in the following examples.

For example, when 1 ad gets 20 clicks & the other ad gets only 4 clicks, you can be almost sure that you do not have wait for 30 clicks to determine which is the winner. In this case, 1 ad is clearly the winner.

For example, when 1 ad gets 30 clicks & the other ad gets 29 clicks, you may have to run the campaign a little longer to determine the winner. Maybe your ads are way too similar which is the reason why the results are so similar.

What To Test

Within your Google AdWords ads, you must test 2 identical ads with totally different headlines. Sometimes, you can test rotate line 2 & 3 to see which order gets you more clicks. Headline testing gets you the most significant results, followed by testing your display domain name, followed by rotating line 2 & 3.


Not only must you test, you must do it accurately. Now, you know what to test, how to test & how to interpret your numbers, go get it done as soon as you can.