Google AdWords – Placement Targeting Strategy


Placement targeting is also another great platform by Google AdWords. This is very much like the traditional banner advertising where you place ads on sites or pages which you hand pick.

Banner ads usually charge you by the month or they charge per thousand impressions (CPM), for placement targeting ads, you can choose to pay on a cost per click (CPC) basis, which you are already used to it.

Buy Your Way Up

How to rank well on the organic side of search engines? How about paying for it? Go to Google, type in a few of your most relevant & best converting keywords, then see which sites are being ranked on the top 5 or 10. Go to all those sites & note down which ones are running AdSense ads.

Go to your Google interface, enter those sites into your adgroup to see if they allow you to do placement targeting. Usually they allow unless the publisher of the site switched it off.

What To Look For

Take note of sites with AdSense blocks above the fold, which means, without scrolling, you can see the ad. Many times, you want to select the exact page which you want your ad to appear rather than allowing your ad to appear all over the same site. This alone will prevent you from losing a lot of money.


Take a few days to test if you are getting impressions & clicks. By looking at the impressions & clicks, you can do some calculations to see if by switching over to CPM, you can get cheaper clicks.

The advantage of CPM over CPC is that your ad will take up the whole ad block instead of the usual small ad. This will usually result in more clicks. You must always test it out to see if it works for your business.


Google AdWords placement targeting might be the largest text based advertising network in the world. You can also choose to place image ads instead of text.