Google AdWords – Is There a Better Way?


We have all tried Google AdWords to some extent. Even newbies will have come across this method, its all over the internet, you cannot miss it. But how successful have you been.?

We spend hours researching keywords. Throwing out expensive words and trying to budget with lesser known ones. Looking for that magical phrase that will put us on page one. For some people its just easier to purchase one of the many books on the subject, and choose their keywords from here.

In fact there is a whole industry that has grown up around keywords. Just type “keywords” into Google and you will see what I mean.

The number one goal of AdWords/keywords is to get your advert on the first page of Google, whatever the subject. The first page is where the majority of purchases are made. Basically we are all lazy, when we search for something on the net we want it now, right in front of us, on the first page. If your ad is on page 3 or 4 then forget it.

You need to be on page 1. But it has now become nightmare. With so many companies and the big boys spending large amounts of money on keywords they are no longer cost effective.

Is there another way? Yes. Google placements. Whenever your surfing the net, no matter where you are, you will undoubtedly have noticed the little “Google ads” that are dotted about the place.

These are in fact identical to Google AdWords, but they are displayed in a totally different manner. All over the internet there are website are looking for adverts to make their site more interesting and generate revenue. By using placements you can place your ad on websites that you choose.

If your ad promoted golf shoes you would search for, and put your placement ad on relevant golf sites. Simple. But it gets better. Did you notice, in the last sentence I said “sites” You can choose what sites you wish to promote your ad on, and how many.

Some sites will be small with 10,000 hits/day. Others may be getting as many as 500,000/day depending on your subject. If your placement ad was on just one website which averaged 500,000 hits a day, do you think you would get traffic to your site?