Google AdWords and Making Money Online


Many people might wonder if they can really use Google AdWords to make money, after all one is giving money to Google just to advertise.

But even though that question might seem to be at either side of the whole, one can indeed make money with Google AdWords.

The trick to do this is really to make sure that you are making more money than you are giving to Google in AdWord cost. If you are sending $ 0.05 per click for a keyword, make sure that you understand how many clicks you would need to get before you get a sale. And is the product that is being promoted will allow you to spend on those clicks and still make a profit, all these things has to be calculated before setting up a pay per click campaign.

Google AdWords and Making Money With An Affiliate Product

When choosing a product to promote with Google AdWords , the first thing to do is to make sure you understand your return on investment. And knowing before you start your campaign how much money you will need to spend before you can make a sale is very important.

For example if you are the affiliate for a product on Clickbank that is offering a commission for $ 20, then you would know that if you spent $ 20 you would be breaking even and not making a profit. But what about the cost of the keyword, how much could you afford to spend on a keyword?

To arrive at an answer for this question, you must first know how many clicks you would need before you make a sale. So for example if you need 20 clicks before you make a sale, then you must now decide on the amount you want to make in profit. Again for the sake of argument, you want to make a 50% return.

You will understand that you need to be willing to spend $ 10 on your AdWords campaigns to make the profit of $ 10. So you are willing to spend $ 10 and no more to make a profit of $ 10.

The most difficult of your tasks is really knowing what keywords to choose that will give you a high conversion rate. There are tools available that will help you find the money keywords to give you a high conversion rate. Most times though, these tools are usually quite costly but there is a tool that will give you a free trial.

Picking keywords is essential to using google AdWords to make money. Google is the biggest search engine right now and it is the fastest way to help you to make a lot of money online real fast.