God Prefer Switzerland

{flickr|100|campaign} It is often said that God prefer Switzerland because she gives her majestic mountains, tranquil lakes and beautiful countryside, thus makes Switzerland become a popular national tourist resort. Many of the world political, cultural and sports celebrities during his lifetime, not only live and work in Switzerland, but also will be select it as the eternal resting place.

When you travel throughout Switzerland, you should pay a visit to the cemetery. According to people’s views, regardless of the size of Switzerland, the cemetery is full of green grass, blooming flowers all year round.

The tombstones have various shapes, if you do not look carefully, you will think that you are walking in the park, no eerie feeling. Just think, in this environment pondering the dead, the relatives can ease the grief.

The cemetery is calm and quiet, same elders like walking in it. Once upon a time, a reporter want to pay tribute to the Geneva Cemetery of the United Nations Special Representative for Iraq Sergio Vieira de Mello’s cemetery, then an old woman like to be a voluntary and take the reporter to his destination.

She told the reporters that he has been more than 80 years old, living in a place just outside the cemetery and she likes walking to the cemetery twice a day. “You can quietly remember the good times past,” said the old woman.

Reporter noted that in the some small towns and villages, where most of the cemetery is near the church. The church is a place which can hold religious ceremonies as baptism, marriage, celebrations and other festive activities, but also can buried the dead in the last-stop place to pay respects to relatives.

According to friends’saying, the graveyard around the church is the “rent”, according to “lease” bury their dead period, generally 10 years. Once it is near the deadline, the remains of the deceased’s have to remove to another place.

In Swiss cemetery there is a notable feature: they have the tombstone, tombstone has different sizes and different decoration.

In Switzerland, the meaning of cemetery tombstones must close to the deceased’s hobby and hope.

Generally speaking, the tombstone carved with the deceased’s life story and the photos.

In Switzerland, there is a village in the cemetery area, the reporter had seen a unique and elaborate tombstone – a girl with a black marble stand equally beside the black marble tomb cover, and removed from the basket of flowers thrown into the earth. It is said, Here lies an early death girl, sculpture “representative” of her life to the world spread the love and desire.