Goa Festival Celebration Tour

{flickr|100|campaign} Goa remains full with tourist all year because Goa is land of festivals of different religion people. Thousands Foreigner and domestic people come Goa to celebrate their religion festivals. Goa is natural gift land because it has numbers of natural beaches, water falls and small mountains. Goa is an old station of foreigners to business purpose and tour travel.

Goa has a big list of cultural activities and festivals in all year. Most festivals are New Year, Holi, Dewali, Good Friday, Easter, Christmas etc. Goa also celebrate some cultural and events as film festivals, Riva party, 26th January etc.

New Year: New Year day name of full emotion, passion and new hopes. Every year 31st December night people collect in clubs, city halls, hotels, stadiums and other places to bye past year and do fully welcome New Year. New Year celebration occurs of all January. People give best wishes to friends and other relatives.

Holi: Holi festival is name of colors and happiness. Holi festival is a Hindu religion people festival and celebration in every year in March month. People go to their relatives and friends to play with colors.

Dewali: Dewali is a main festival of Hindu religion people. People decorate their houses and purchase clothes, sweets, ornaments and other things. People decorate their houses with candles and electric lights. Every family prays of wealth goddess Lakshmi and god Ganesha.

Christmas: Christmas is a big festival of christens religion people. Every year this festival celebrates on 25th December. People purchase new clothes; decorate their houses with candles and purchases sweets. People give gifts sweets to their friends and relatives. People collect in churches and plays of lord Jesus.

Goa is land of happiness and joy. People come to visit Goa for peace and to free daily activities tension. Goa Tour Package provide to visit beaches, old churches, wildlife sanctuaries, old forts and water sports etc.