Goa Carnival


One of the integral parts of Indian culture is festival celebration. There are many festival celebration in one part of the country or other in each day of the year such as Shigmotsav, Christmas, Ganesh Chauturthi and Saptah Festival. And one of the most important festval in Goa is Goa Carnival that over shadow the other festivals. In the following, I will tell more about the beautiful festivals of Goa.


Goa Carnival tops this list. The carnival is an extravaganza in real sense and is celebrated every year three days prior to Lent. The date of the festival falls in late February or early March. The origin of the carnival is traced back to 18th century when it began as local feast of the Portuguese. During this time, the Portuguese celebrated the festival by throwing flour, eggs, oranges, lemons, mud and dirty water at each other. This was indicative of getting rid of old and dirty things before Lent. Today, the festival has undergone a huge metamorphoses. Colourful parades, floats, bands, dances, mock battles, cultural functions, competitions mark the event. King Momo presides over the feast and urges his subject to abandon all their worries and rejoice in the festivities of the Carnival.


Shigmotsav is yet another festival that is celebrated with much fervor. It is a Hindu harvest festival that is celebrated as Holi in other parts of the India. Processions, songs, dances, banners, bonfires, festoons are all a part of this festival that continues for six days


Christmas is a festival that is celebrated by Christian all over the world, but in Goa even the Hindus take active participation in the celebrations. Villages are decorated and mid night masses organised. All night parties that are also thrown but these are mainly for tourists. For local people, it is a family affair.


Other festivals celebrated in Goa include Saptah Festival and Ganesh Chaturthi. On your Goa Holidays, do participate in these festival for they give you a wonderful opportunity to discover more and more about Indian culture.