Goa Carnival is a famous attraction of Goa


Goa is a happening tourist destination of India which has its own unique cultural heritage. It boasts of a culture which has both Indian and Portuguese elements. The festivals of different religions are celebrated here with peace and great enthusiasm. Some of the famous festivals of Goa are:

Goa Carnival 

Unique to Goa, the Carnival is the biggest celebration of this small state. Its popularity attracts tourists from across the globe as Goa Tour becomes all the more pleasurable during the Carnival. It is celebrated in the month of February every year. This festival was first celebrated by the Portuguese society of Goa in the year 1961. Portuguese ruled over this state for years and left behind their cultural legacy which merged into Goan culture beautifully. This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show for three days before the Easter Sunday.

Both local people and tourists enjoy this festival a lot. Dance, music and parade are the main highlights of the Carnival. The streets are decorated beautifully and cultural functions are performed throughout the state. People participating in the street procession wear funky masks and bright-colored dresses. The end of the Carnival is marked by the famous red-and-black dance by the Club National in Panajim.

Food and Cultural Festival

If sea food tantalizes your taste-buds, then this festival is definitely for you. It is organized in the month of November every year offering a mesmerizing view of several traditions and culture under one roof. Held on enchanting beaches, it offers delicious Goan cuisine. Scan the various stalls and gorge on various dishes. Cultural programs are also a part of the festival.

Feast of three Kings

It is a traditional festival of Goa which is celebrated in honor of the Lady of Mount. Prayers are offered to the Lady of Mount who is believed to be the protector of the people. The idol of the goddess is adorned with jewelry.