?Go Green’ Programs to Your Children


As global warming threats our world, all we need to do is maintaining ‘go green’ life. This program is not only for adults. Therefore, you can teach your little kids how to go green to save human being and the earth. We have some tips to make them aware of their environment.

You can start introduce ‘go green’ programs with their school supplies. You can choose some recycled papers and pencils. You can also select some lunchboxes and backpacks which are free from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Some children are intrigued to know what or why. Hence you can tell them about ‘go green’. With this method, they are probably interested in sharing the program with their friends at school.

Next, try to teach them how to go green with recycling. Provide a rubbish bin for recycle items, like aluminum, glass, plastic, and papers. Ask them not to throw those things away. It is much better if you are creative to make some crafts from recycled things. We suggest that you browse the internet to search for articles on how to make such crafts. You can make a vase from some used ice cream sticks, for example. With this method, you are increasing their creativity as well.

Speaking on rubbish, you can teach them how to decrease waste by using less. Tell your kids to sufficiently consume their daily need, like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, lotions, and any other household products. This method will advantage you in which you can save money. Also, ask them not to waste energy, like electricity, by shutting off lights and electronic devices when they have finished using it.

You can teach them another ‘go green’ point by planting some trees in your garden. Use your leisure time to do this program with them. Sunday morning would be great in which all family members have time to gather and do some activities together. This activity can build intimacy among all family members. Besides, we are sure that your kids are more interested in such outdoor activity than watching TV in entertainment area inside the house. Just try it and see that they will like it. This method also allows your kids to learn about nature and science. While you are doing this activity, you can tell them anything about plants or how important it is to go green.