GMAT Test Dates


GMAT test date

If you want to move your career and getting your MBA, then the first step is to take the GMAT test.

What is GMAT?

* Indicates GMAT Graduate Management admissions tests.
* Since the SAT to get into college, has taken the GMAT business school.
* GMAT is a standardized test that tells you how universities and the cause of pressure.

2011 GMAT test date

Fortunately GMAT Test Dates are very flexible. The test is available to take on weekdays throughout the year with 500 centers in the U.S.

GMAT test is often given as a test computer and many colleges and universities also offer GMAT testing. There are certainly a number of options for designing and register early so no need to rush things at the last minute.

3 ways to register GMAT

1. Register online at
2. Registration by phone 1-800-717-GMAT
3. Call the local test center. A list of these centers can be found

What GMAT test questions?

It consists of three parts: analytical writing, verbal and quantitative.

GMAT Analytical Writing (2 essays – 30 minutes for each test)

* Tests analysis of argument and analysis on the topic.
* This section is not part of your overall score, the nuisance is classified as a separate section which is on a scale from 1-5.
* You can select a series of tests.

GMAT Verbal (41 questions – 75 minutes)

* This part consists of 3 types of questions: sentence correction, reading comprehension and critical thinking.
* This is very similar to the SAT, but it is also the only adjustment you need to go through it carefully.
* It is recommended that you get a study guide for this section. Because we are accustomed to using “broken” the grammar, it can sometimes fail if you buy a study guide is very helpful.

GMAT Quantitative (37 questions – 75 minutes):

* Type of problem solving questions and data are sufficient.
* There is a mathematics as algebra, geometry and algebra, and you can use a calculator.
* You must fill in quickly and accurately in large basic mathematical functions.

TIP: The Times Tables for research, Long Division, factoring and Math shortcuts.

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