Gloucester Carpet Cleaner – Chem Dry And Steam Cleaning

{flickr|100|campaign} This is the second in a series of articles about carpet cleaning. While particularly focused on the service provided by carpet cleaner companies in the Gloucester area the advice here is also appropriate wherever you happen to be. The first article looked at why householders should get their carpets cleaned regularly. This article looks at the two main, and competing, methods of carpet cleaning which carpet cleaner companies use.

There are two main methods of cleaning carpets. The first is known as the Chem Dry method. Chem Dry is a large international company which has set up a string of franchises in many countries enabling small local businesses to operate a carpet cleaner service using the Chem Dry method.

The method involves applying some non-toxic chemicals and a small amount of water to the carpets. The chemicals and water carbonate causing a an effervescent layer of bubbles to sit on top of the carpet and sink into the carpet fibres. The carbonation of the bubbles sucks in the dirt, chemicals, and other pollutants in the carpets and then the carbonating bubbles are extracted off the carpets.

The great advantage of this system is that it uses relatively small amounts of water. Consequently the carpets can dry out quickly, often within an hour or two of the cleaning job. Wet carpets are likely to absorb fresh dirt more easily and it is inconvenient for the householder for their carpets to be wet for a long time.

The other main method is called the hot water extraction method, often known as steam cleaning, although in reality it is hot water and not steam which is used. With this system very hot water and some chemical cleaning solution is pushed into the carpet and then the liquid is extracted with powerful vacuum cleaners. The method uses considerably more water than the Chem Dry method. The possible disadvantage of such a system is that it can leave the carpet damp for some considerable time which is an inconvenience but also can attract the dirt again into your carpets. If badly handled it could make your carpets far too wet causing the possibility of carpet shrinkage, but if well done it does clean carpets.

Both methods have strong advocates Those in favour of the hot water extraction methods consider that the Chem Dry method simply doesn’t clean as well as hot water extraction methods because you need enough hot water to properly clean and rinse a carpet. Those in favour of the Chem Dry method argue that it is not necessary to use so much water to clean carpets.

There is not definitive proof either way as to which method is better. Both methods seem to work. But to do either method right you are going to need fully trained professionals to do the job properly.

The next article will look at the research you need to do to be able to select the right carpet cleaning company for you.