Global Collaboration Network


As a business, the chance of survival in this age is more difficult than it was 10 years before. A lot of different factors that can afftect the survival likelihood of your business including stiff competition and some other disciplines.


To support these however there are several technological and scientific options to assist any business venture that grows in its extent. There is no constraint today where and when you want to get something done. There are several innovations of technology that helps you in your endeavors. You just have to be aware of the ways to employ to your advantage.

There is a worldwide collaboration network that is helping or enabling individual organizations to develop a healthy exchange of ideas and information that is vital for the function of each partner.


Web Portals

One of the chief ways of commercial functioning in the world today is by collaboration strategies and networking. And a primary way that such means are achieved with success is through the use of different web portals that gives you several options of useful endeavor.

There are corporate portals that allow you to carry out a number of functions apart from customizing tools and downloading applications for your business output benefits.


About Corporate Portals

Here are some of the basic features of Corporate Portals.

Corporate portals are based on intranet technology
It’s a warehouse of information and links of software applications
These portals are with an organization but they are also available for use by outsiders
Access is available to email, groupware and other computer applications
The work culture of corporate portals are based on the principles of transparency when it comes to information sharing

Collaborative Innovations


The 21st century is aplenty with technological advancements that can make business ventures more accessible across the globe.


Here are some options that allow you to conduct your project from anywhere in the world and be in contact with the rest of it with the use of one or many software applications to make your work easy.


Mobile Communication Devices – This is the age of mobile communications. There is a single number that can be easily stored in the phone and used to call someone at any point of the globe. There are no hassles of additional international, country or area codes numbers.


Video Conferencing Facilities – There are several web applications that can be downloaded and used for video conferencing across the globe. This is a very useful tool as it facilitates international conferencing connecting people from different countries at the same time.


Online File Sharing – Apart from international conferencing there are options of file sharing and exchange of information as also sending and receiving mails that are far more swifter with the popular use of emails.