Getting To Know Miami

{flickr|100|campaign} Miami is the city center for Dade County, and is one of the fastest growing places in the United States. The population of the area has been steadily expanding on a yearly basis for many years now, and the influx of peoples bring with them cultural aspects that all contribute to the way of life of the city.

The city has a huge influence on the people that reside in it and near it, and the culture that is created is one of the most iconic parts of the location. There is a certain glitz and glamour that accompanies it all, which has been heavily popularized in the media.

When it began, the city of Miami was simply an overlap of three large plantations in the early 1800’s. The location was by a strategic waterway and had fertile soil, so more people began to join the collective shortly after, expanding the area in to a town.

Because of its location on the coast, the location served as a location of strategic importance for several groups. The city began to expand fairly regularly since its inception, but experienced a population boom in the mid 20th century.

This expansion began due to the onset of World War Two. Not only was Miami located on strategic waters, it was the southernmost point for the country, making it an important observation and shipping post.

German submarines were becoming a critical problem in the Atlantic Ocean, and the city was a good place to watch for possible German encroachment into protected waters. The shipping ports of the area were utilized to produce ships and spotting planes, helping to halt the submarine problem for good.

Since the shipyards we so actively engaged, the city received an influx of workers that were needed to toil in the shipyards. Many of these people stayed and became residents after the war was concluded.

Two decades later, Miami would again receive a huge surge of population due to the escalating situation in Cuba. Thousands of Cuban refugees turned up in the location, making the county their home.

Due to the embargo of Cuba and the resulting political fallout, most of these asylum seekers stayed in the country, and began to add their own unique cultural traits to the area. In the decades since then, Miami has still been a primary place for people to go who are seeking out a new life.

The area is now composed of many different cultural groups that coexist in relative peace. Each has their own contributions that build up the lifestyle of the surroundings and make it unique to the area.

Miami is still a strategic location. It is the center for business for many corporations who keep the headquarters within the city limits.

The finance sector is one of the most lucrative in the world, and remains strong each year. Additionally, the towering skyline and the pristine beaches make Miami a prime area for tourism to blossom.

One of the primary revenue streams is tourism, due to the lifestyle of the population there and the inviting weather. Cruise ships are headquartered on the docks year round, because the location is an excellent staging point for launches into the Caribbean.

This success and cultural merging has made the area one that is famous for the lifestyle that it encourages. It is a matter of pride for many residents, who enjoy their uniqueness within the country.

Miami is undoubtedly one of the most important cities in the United States due to its location and financial success. The industries that exist within the city are a matter of envy for many, and are key to its success.

Whether one is simply planning a visit or planning to move there, the area is one that is definitely unique and is definitely memorable. The lifestyle and culture that permeate every aspect of living there are sure to charm and to keep people happy with their choice of residence.

Miami is undoubtedly the most important part of the county that it resides in. It not only provides money from the business located within, but it also serves as a strategic base of operations for major players in the area, making it a crucial area to be part of.