Getting Past the Article Directory Admissions Office


The power of strategic article marketing is undeniable. If used well and to the company’s benefit, it can do so much in driving exposure and traffic to your business or website. This even becomes more evident when you start writing lots of unique content and regularly submitting them to site directories. Remember – the more you can tap into your target market, the better your exposure and the higher the chance of making a sale.

However, before you should even think about submitting your articles to these directories, make sure that you use correct formatting in all of your articles. Different sites have different rules and standards that you should adhere to, and it is important for you as a website owner to know what these are.

A typical format is comprised of the summary, article body, and resource box, where you identify yourself as the source of information through your URL and contact information. Once you have done this, you are now free to find an appropriate directory, find out what they need from you to be able to submit your article, and then off you go.

Have you ever wondered what these standards are – what key things directories look for in articles? Well, there’s more than a handful, and as said before, can differ from one directory to another. Some may ban vulgarity, while others require an article of a certain length.

There may be others who require a certain keyword density, and there may also be others who have loads of forms to fill in. Whatever they are, you just need to do your job and complete all these requirements, and make sure your content fits the standard, so that you won’t have to rewrite everything if the article is rejected.

Also remember that you need patience while waiting for the approval of your article. For some directories, it may take only 24 hours, while for others, it may be weeks until your content appears on their database. You won’t have to fret so long as you know that you have met their standards when it comes to article content and formatting.

Article directories are one of the beauties of article marketing as they are your links to your market. Sure, you can do it the laborious way and submit everything manually yourself, or keep publishing your articles in your own website alone. But if you want to reach a wider audience, article directories are your best friends.

There is such a great potential to penetrate bigger and better market, and it would be best for any business to explore them. Site directories put your articles and your identity in the hands of your potential customers.

Remember, diversity is something these directories love. The more unique and fresh your content, the greater your chances of getting your articles accepted. This is why directories primarily exist – to provide people with a broad range of information from different areas of interest.