Getting Fido Out of the House – Great Places to Visit With Your Furry Friend


If you have a dog, especially a younger one, you know how important it is to not only allow them to exercise, but to ensure that they get to spend some quality time with their owners. If you spend the day at work or school – coming home to unconditional love can be one of the best feelings in the world. By returning the favor and taking your dog on a little adventure, you and your pet can spend a fun day or evening together enjoying the fresh air.

Dog parks are becoming increasingly popular all over the United States. Although there may not be one in your direct area, chances are there is one near-by. Many apartment complexes and communities are even installing dog parks on their grounds for pet owners. Doing a quick and simple internet search, or even calling your local county’s office, you should be able to get all of the information you need and locate one near-by. Many parks are not dog friendly, so taking your pet somewhere where you can allow them to walk around in a safe area, as well as socialize with other dogs, can be a great experience for both you and your pet!

Another fun destination is to take your dog out for ice cream. Just like humans, dogs enjoy the occasional treat every now and then. If you limit the amount of treats or snacks that your dog is allowed – skip a few that week so your pooch (and yourself) can “live a little”. Many ice cream shops even offer special “doggie dishes” that come topped with a bone. Aside from the ice cream itself, dogs will also enjoy the excitement of the car-ride to the ice cream store.

If you have a sporting dog, chances are they aren’t exactly scared of water. If you live near a small body of water (like a lake or pond), taking the dog to a pet-friendly area for an hour or so will give them the chance to fulfill their natural instinct to explore and maybe even take a little swim. Ensuring that the area is safe should always be your number one concern before heading out, but most sporting dogs will take a quick dip before coming back out to play. Throwing a stick or ball into the shallowest part of the water also provides fun exercise for both you and your pet.

If you have to run to the pet store, remember that most of them are usually pet friendly. If you’re looking for an excuse to get Fido out of the house but you don’t feel like taking him for a walk, a visit to the pet store together can help you cross something off of your errands list and spend some time with your pet. And if you’re typically a busy person, killing two birds with one stone is never a bad thing.

So whether you’re looking for fun new activities for you and your pet or you’re looking for creative ideas to spend time with your dog after work, taking all of these into consideration will make you and furry friend much happier. Just like people, dogs get excited about spending time with the people that they love. By giving them the opportunity to do so in a fun and interesting way, you’ll be sure that you and your pet will live longer, happier lives.