Get The Cultural Tourism Data You Need From Mandala Research

.tags The hard-earned disposable income consumers spend on vacations and holidays needs to provide more bang for the buck. These days, people are looking for new adventures, rather than the same resort destinations they favoured previously. Cultural tourism is on the rise, with people exploring different countries and cities around the world that have more to offer than just beaches and shopping. Mandala Research specializes in giving you accurate data, so your community can attract tourists to your unique area of the world.

Mandala Research was founded by Laura Mandala, a woman with over 25 years of research experience. Her methodology, design and implementation have provided countless retail, marketing, and other industry specific organizations with reliable data for travel, tourism, commerce, and other key areas that require intensive study in order to formulate reliable business plans. One of Mandala’s top areas of expertise is the burgeoning business of cultural tourism. With the help of Laura Mandala and her expertly trained staff, your organization can benefit from custom research designed specifically to cull the information you need to know.

As cultural tourism gains popularity, many chambers of commerce, cultural and heritage, and tourism departments of local governments are relying on Mandala Research for accurate data on what tourists want when they visit a particular city or town. Some of the detailed research will be conducted via online surveys, in-person and online focus groups, intercept interviews, and other methods that will obtain the information you need to give tourists what they want when they visit your location. Mandala Research has their “Travel Answer” online traveler panel, which polls a diverse cross-section of travelers who have varied backgrounds and experiences, providing answers to many niche markets about how they can attract more tourists to their location. A “Travel Answer” survey is an affordable and expedient option for getting the cultural tourism information you need, quickly and easily. Other research organizations have similar surveys, but Mandala’s “Travel Answer” provides more accurate results by asking fewer, more targeted questions, obtaining more cogent answers from higher-quality participants. You’ll not only be saving money, you’ll be receiving exponentially more valuable information, because Mandala Research always asks the right questions from their survey participants.

Many leisure travelers are always on the lookout for more exciting and exotic vacation destinations. Whether it’s old-world Europe, or countries that were previously inaccessible due to unfavourable government policies or other travel restrictions, many new destinations open up every year that are receptive to tourists. In order to attract those tourists, and get them to spend their dollars in your location, you need a partner that is capable of telling you what those tourists are looking for when they visit a particular location. Mandala Research is that partner, with the knowhow and experience to give you the answers you need, with the most affordable options.

For more information on how Mandala Research can help provide cultural tourism information for your organization, visit their Web site at Mandalaresearch.