Get Paid to Write Blogs (20 Paid Blogging Sites)

Get Paid to Write Blogs (20 Paid Blogging Sites)

If your looking for paid writing gigs, I have a ton of them right here! Most of them pay hundreds of dollars! That’s right! Hundreds of dollars for your articles! If your a writer, you owe it to yourself to check out the video and bookmark all of these sites! Believe me, you’ll thank me later!

1. Penny Hoarder

Want a Freelance Writing Job? Get Paid to Write for The Penny Hoarder

2. Listverse

Write & Get Paid

3. The Escapist
4. This Old House
5. Konji
6. The Matador Network

For Contributors

7. International Living

Write For IL

8. Great Escape Publishing

Writer’s Guidelines

9. Travel China Guide
10. Text Broker
11. iWriter
12. The Christian Science Monitor
13. Funds for Writers


14. A List Apart
15. UxBooth
16. Linode
17. Compose
18. Profit Bricks
19. Semaphore
20. Ideni

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