Get Paid to Lose Weight | Weight Loss Challenge | DietBet Blog Week #1

Get Paid to Lose Weight | Weight Loss Challenge | DietBet Blog Week #1

Learn of the possibility to lose weight and make money online contest with DietBet. This is my motivation to lose weight through this weight loss challenge. Hopefully this DietBet blog is the beginning of a great journey where we can share weight loss tips!

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High Stakes Transformer offers a supportive, fun, motivating “social dieting” experience the goal for each player is to lose 10% of their starting weight over 6 months.
Monthly targets are as follows:
6% (cumulative)
8% (cumulative)
9% (cumulative)
10% (cumulative)
10% (Maintain 10% cumulative.)

Players have the option to pay the entire bet upfront (and play one month for free as a result) or to pay their monthly bet as they go ($50/month).

Each game consists of six month long Rounds.
Half of all the money bet is allocated to the final pot (Round 6).
The other half is spread equally across the interim rounds (Rounds 1-5).

On the first day of each round, the pot for that round is finalized.
Winners in each round split the pot equally.
All winnings are paid out at the end of the game.

* I am not a specialist in the field of nutrition and would always strongly urge people to see their doctor if a diet or exercise is right for them,

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