Get Creative and Get Out! The Fresh Air Will Do Your Inspiration Good!


I was stalemated, dried up pool of absolutely no inspiration whatsoever. OK, so it wasn’t that bad, but let me tell you, I hit a creative “wall”. Running through my park lane of creativity, I felt I was going at a reasonable pace when POW! I woke up the next morning and felt all of the creative energy was gone. Drained out of me like a helium balloon deflating in mid air.

Where did it go? How long would it be before I got it back? I had been down this road before, but not like this. I had experienced ups and downs on the creative roller coaster, but this was a downer like no other. What was I going to do to get it back?

Night after night I sat in front of my computer and slowly typed up articles at a snail’s pace. I swear, dust formed on the keys before my eyes. Each keystroke was less than a stroke of genius. Far, far from genius. I had fallen into a rut. I was going full steam a few weeks ago, but where did the train fall off of the track? I had to find out.

I tried reading inspiration stories and drinking organic teas that touted they were good for your thought provoking processes. Nothing happened. I attempted to get more sleep and eat better, and still no improvement. What was it going to take to get me back in the swing.

My daughter, missing her Mom who had vacated the parental premises, stated that she was bored, and out of the blue said that she wish we could go for a walk together. A walk. A simple walk in the sunshine on a lovely early summer evening. A walk and a chat. A simple chat and a walk in the sunshine on a lovely early summer evening. What a great idea. Inside I sort of shunned it, thinking that was a silly idea, but I looked at her and I couldn’t say no. Considering that up until I started to write articles, I walked on my treadmill 4kms on most evenings, this was a truly natural suggestion. A walk.

So we did it. We went for a walk in the sunshine on a lovely early summer evening. We even had a chat with our walk in the sunshine on a lovely early summer evening. Speaking for myself, such a natural and simple exercise became a quite inspirational one.

We returned from our walk, and continued to chat and share, just little things, but meaningful things. We made a little lasting memory. I kissed her on the head goodnight and tucked her into bed.

I returned to my computer and the task of writing, well, wasn’t such a task anymore. I picked up where I left off and wrote a few more articles. The stagnation had ended, and inspiration took it’s place. How wonderful. A simple idea turned into many thoughts. Construction could begin again on my mind’s previously shut down creativity.

Simple things inspire. Sometimes we make the wrong choices and decide not to take time out. By doing this, we set ourselves up to hit the “wall”. Taking this time out doesn’t have to mean you are being selfish, it can sometimes turn out to be quite selfless instead.