Get Big Hair – Celebrity Style!


For those feeling enslaved to their hair straighteners the end is in sight – that’s right, big hair is back! With celebrities like Beyonce and Cheryl Cole showcasing big and bouncy locks, high volume hair is now definitely back in style. It’s a glamorous look that’s sure to make you feel fabulous and feminine and perfect for a night out.

With the surge in popularity of blow-dry bars, getting the big haired look can be costly but this needn’t be the case. Any woman with bob length hair or longer can achieve a volumised look at home and it’s surprisingly easy. Just follow our step-by-step guide.

First, wash your hair with volumising shampoo and conditioner.
Then apply volumising spray to your damp hair, particularly at the roots.
Apply mousse to the roots of your hair
Dry your hair until it’s mostly but not quite dry, directing the air mostly at the roots at of your hair. Use a diffuser if you have one, using a circular motion to create extra volume.
When your hair is about 80% style and finish drying your hair using a large, round-barrelled hairbrush lifting and rolling the hair over the top of the barrel. Your style will be most effective if you go for a side parting as this allows for a nice big bouffant!
Now back comb your hair, or for a really full look, experiment with hair extensions and hair pieces. Or try a bump shaped hair insert for added height.
Fix your fabulous new do in place with plenty of hairspray and you’re good to go!

For really big and bouncy hair, many celebrities also like to add a gentle curl to their hair too. There are two easy ways to do this.

Heated rollers

Heated rollers give you a double-whammy of height around your crown and gently tumbling waves. Choose large rollers for loose curls – this look is not about tight ringlets. Follow the directions that come with your rollers. You’ll need to wind each roller so that the hair wraps around it up to your scalp. Roll so that the hair from your roots goes over the top of the roller. If you do it the other way you won’t get that all important body at the crown. Do this in sections for your whole head and leave on as directed by your instrcutions. To remove the rollers, let them drop out rather than pulling them. Then gently loosen and separate the curls with your fingers for beautifully bouncy tresses.

Curling tongs

Curling tongs are another great way to give your hair fabulous volume. Choose large barrelled tongs or use the wider end of a cone shaped barrel. Roll the hair around the wand the same way you would with the rollers, so that the hair from the roots ends up going up and over the barrel rather than under. Repeat for as much of your head as you wish. It’s not necessary to do the whole head – a few evenly spaced wavy sections are enough to lift your whole look. Then you’ll need to gently pull out any tight curls with your fingers to loosen them a little and combine them with the rest of your hair. Finish with hairspray so that the curls don’t drop out; you don’t want your big hair to fall flat!