George St. Pierre Vs Thiago Alves


Can anyone argue with this unanimous decision in favor of GSP? George St. Pierre is undisputedly among the best wrestlers ever to enter the octagon. And it shows. In the five round battle against Thiago Alves, GSP pulled off half a dozen takedowns. At least.

St. Pierre’s striking game was almost as impressive as his grappling. In the first round, he pulled off a few leg kicks, a vicious spinning back kick, and also had Thiago’s face cut and bleeding before the first five minutes was over. He started round 2 with a good punching combination, got a clean takedown, and landed an elbow to the face.

Of course, it wasn’t nearly as one-sided as I probably just made it sound. GSP dominated though and the judges all saw it. 50-45, 50-44, and 50-45. Welterweight champion.

Thiago Alves isn’t a bad mixed martial arts competitor either. Not at all.

He started his training at the age of 14 in his home country of Brazil. He started competing at the young age of 15. He challenged a 25 year old man with years of training in Muy Thai and Jui Jitsu. In spite of the 10-year disadvantage, the young Alves showed the skill and determination necessary to pull off a unanimous decision. Since then, he won the Brazilian championship of Muy Thai three times on a state level, and twice at a national level. He’s now a AFC veteran, a Shooto America veteran, a King of the Cage Veteran, and, above all else, a famed UFC veteran. He even held the Welterweight Title after defeating Matt Hughes by TKO.

Although he didn’t hold on to the Title Belt for long, he got another shot at it after beating Josh Koscheck by unanimous decision. Nothing stood in his way now but GSP, who wasn’t phased at all by his highly aggressive tactics. No one in the UFC today can stand their ground against the legendary George “Rush” St. Pierre