Geelong Restaurants Make the Great Ocean Road Gateway More Wonderful


Geelong restaurants are quite unique because of its quality. All use vibrant recipes and the freshest of foods in their Spanish tapas, European gourmet delights, scrumptious seafood, Aussie tucker, or wholesome pub meals.


Not surprisingly many eateries, cafes, and restaurants in the region have been acclaimed for their innovative dishes and value for money portions.


Restaurants that have been established by wineries are of a particularly high standard, with several winning awards or gaining acclaim in one form or another. Using freshly-grown vegetables, as some do, only serves to enhance the richness of such recipes.


Additionally, Geelong restaurants that are located along the Geelong Waterfront have the added advantage of amazing sea views on their doorsteps. It’s no wonder that on weekends in particular, there is a distinct buzz in the region as restaurant after restaurant attends to fully-booked rooms. Reservations are not requested, they are essential to getting such highly sought-after tables.


However where the restaurants in Geelong truly shine is their service. With competition fierce between establishments, regardless in which district they are located, service is taken very seriously. Do not expect less than well-groomed, well-informed, pleasant, and helpful staff when you dine out in Geelong – which is a welcome change from many places in Melbourne, other major Australian towns, and a large proportion of places in Southern Europe.


A community-based town, Geelong’s clientele when it comes to eating out, is split equidistant between locals and tourists, both interstate and international. As a result of this, it is as easy to find a Geelong restaurant which caters to business lunches as it is to find a secluded romantic hideaway.


The gateway to the Great Ocean Road, Geelong is an excellent base from which to begin exploring the region, and if food features highly on your list of priorities, a place in which you will want to spend more than just a couple of days!