Garnett is expected to return to their urgent needs to regain kingly formation Lippi


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Totti yesterday to accept the “La Repubblica” in an exclusive interview declared that as long as the public body in good condition in April, while Marcello Lippi and move him into Italy, then he was definitely would not hesitate to Zhongpi blue shirt for the motherland make every effort at the World Cup. Previously, Totti played 58 times in the national team, scoring 9. This season, Totti in the 17th round of Serie A appearances before the 12 and scored 9 goals, status, very good.

European Cup in 2008 after the co-existence of wisdom and stubborn Donadoni Lippi did not always want to complete the task, continue to use the 433 to meet the enemy formation. Although success capacity to top the group reached the World Cup finals in South Africa, but the Italian media criticism of the current team tactics constantly, especially in last summer’s Confederations Cup after defeat old rivals Brazil.

Lippi has been adopted in fact, 433 tactics, the Department has no choice. The one hand, Di Natale, Pepe, Mauro Camoranesi, Quagliarella existence of such a large number of wingers, and the second is the front line tactics never paid off the twin towers, after all, good team ball from the wing appears only Mauro Camoranesi, Grosso, Zambrotta no longer with the current year only, there is another important reason is that the team does not have, and Vincenzo Iaquinta, Alberto Gilardino can partner of such center of 9 or 10, AMC half, Del Piero into his career seemingly old age. Therefore, to regain the World Cup in Germany has difficulties when the lines between 442,4411,4312.

With the return of Francesco Totti, Italy is expected to regain the last 06 knockout games in the 4411 3 winning formation, there is no suspense back four, a defensive midfielder Andrea Pirlo and midfield Road, wings can be by the guest wing, It is good to let the two sides back Fabio Grosso, Gianluca Zambrotta heart to do defensive duties, Totti will be in no doubt Gilardino Vincenzo Iaquinta or as attacking midfielder or behind No. 9 half. In this way, compared to 4 years ago that support defense balance of the world champions, this does not seem backward in a lot of Italy. Totti’s return would largely defeat the Confederations Cup in the blue army strength up a notch.