Garmin Street Pilot C330


Garmin’s new GPS (global positioning system) unit, Garmin street pilot c330, is a great little device to those who want to easily and quickly find unknown destinations. There are various navigational and non-navigational features that make traveling a fun experience.

The Garmin street pilot c330 does not require the user to load the maps because it already has preloaded maps that include many different points of interest ranging from malls, restaurants, gas stations, to historical landmarks. This unit is an excellent navigator and can easily guide the user through busy city streets and large traffic jams. This unit also allows the user to enter their own personal points of interest and save them to the memory card that is installed in the GPS system. The Garmin street pilot c330 allows users who are traveling in foreign countries to enter maps of the respective countries.

The touch screen feature makes this product easy for anyone to use, and the voice modulation makes it simple to drive a car and listen to directions at the same time. Another great feature is that the unit has a suction cup attached to it which allows the user to mount it to their windshield so the screen can be easily seen. This also allows the Garmin street pilot c330 to move easily from car to car.

The Garmin street pilot c330 is also equipped with a great LCD screen that displays a 3D map with street names that can be easily viewed. This unit also tells you exactly how long you have to go before you come to a turn. Therefore you can easily anticipate what you have to do. If you accidently go in the wrong direction, the Garmin street pilot c330 can swiftly figure out where you are and can easily put you back on track to your desired destination.

The product has 8 hours of battery life, can be charged, and it is small (9.45 ounces). You can also type in the first few letter of the name of the destination, and a list will come up of suggestions, so you don’t have to even type the entire name.

The Garmin street pilot c330 is clearly an outstanding advancement in GPS technology and its easy to use features make traveling a fun experience for anyone. This product is among the top GPS systems in navigation excellence and can you can buy it on