Gaining the Competitive Edge using Video Email Marketing


What sets anyone apart? What distinguishes one business from another? Email marketing campaigns need to stand out in the in-box, in appearance, but more importantly, your email campaigns need to gain that competitive edge with its content as well.

We all love cool videos and graphics. The popularity of video marketing is continuing to rise. The proof of that is the explosion of YouTube. Every product, service, with every nuance and gimmick, is on YouTube creating powerful backlinks to websites and squeeze pages by the thousands each day.  According to a survey dated August 31, 2010, conducted by eMarketer, “embedding a video player in your email marketing message, along with creating a link to a video within a landing page is on the rise in marketing strategies.”

Creating a small, but effective video within your email campaign, grabs the reader’s attention almost immediately. That is every marketer’s goal and purpose. Having that video as your call to action can increase your click through rates and sales, quicker than any other technique you might have used in the past. You can also link your video email marketing campaign to another video on your website, landing page, or squeeze page, helping close the sale.

Why are Video Email Marketing Campaigns so Successful?

· People remember what they see. Audio and visual stimulus is proven to increase memory retention. Years ago, when any company wanted to push their products to the public, they created commercials with jingles. You remembered what you heard and what you visualized. Many companies found that people bought their products, just because they started to sing the jingle and picture the product.

· Become an innovator in your niche and market. Using powerful email campaign software enables you to have, at your fingertips, the latest technology when presenting your products and services, automatically giving you a leadership position in your field or niche market. As video email marketing increases in popularity, so will your knowledge and use of this innovative, highly-effective medium.

· Putting a face and personality to your brand name. Social media is changing the way we communicate in business. People prefer doing business with people they can see and get to know. Video emails give your prospects a chance to see and hear you, before they may ever meet you. It puts a personal touch on a commercial marketing strategy.

· Improving credibility creates automatic trust. Watching and listening to someone’s personal presentation on a video, affects their trust in the person and product. When your video presentation creates trust, you will have an increased amount of sales.

Using Video Email Marketing to your Advantage

Creating that difference between you and your competitors is all about communication. Reading great content, wrapped in a professional package, is very impressive. However, being able to see and hear the person behind the campaign is even better. Our body language, style, and voice can have a positive impact on our audience, creating a further interest in our product or service. Remember, most people make decisions based on an emotional response. Create a good feeling about what you are selling. Make that personal connection.

Marketers need to back up all communications and promises, with good old-fashioned customer service. Read their inquiries, respond personally, and be ready to refund their money or replace a damaged product, whenever necessary. Create videos responding to customer questions. That is a great way to show them you are listening and you care. Using this method, you save time and money. Having to repeat the same answer to the same question is time-consuming. Creating responses on videos to FAQ is savvy and very cost-effective, reaching hundreds in seconds.

Cross Sales

Use your videos to cross sell. Satisfied customers are more than willing to buy from someone whose products have stood the test of time. Make that work for you with links to your other products or services, in your email marketing campaigns, with a soft sell and call to action. Make your videos meaningful and genuine. Share important information that they can use. Use your email marketing videos to educate. Do not use hype and gimmicks. This creates trust – trust creates sales – sales create repeat buys.

Take a Break. Give yourself some personal quality time. Sad to say, more people boast about “burning the midnight oil”, then admitting they actually took a break or vacation. We are not robots. We need rest and balance. Use all the powerful tools out there to help your work-flow move faster and smarter.