Funny images of Wayne Rooney


Wayne Mark Rooney, one of the best English footballers, was born in October 1985 in Liverpool, where there are two big football clubs: Liverpool and Everton. At the age of 10, he joined the youth team of Everton and became the youngest footballer to play for England at seventeen. Rooney now plays for Premier League club Manchester United and England national team.

The case that Rooney wanted to quit Manchester United and suddenly came back has been listed among the most enjoyable topics of funny and colorful caricatures in England. Here are some photos of Rooney that  make people laugh a lot.


Rooney’s image in Man City’s traditional blue board is planned to be set up in Manchester.


“Stubborn son” Rooney is in the arm of “father” Alex Ferguson


Rooney and “beautiful girls” including Jose Mourinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Redknapp, Carlo Ancelotti, Carlos Tevez và Roberto Mancini (from left to right).


Rooney looks like a prostitute, bargaining the price with “playboy” Roberto Mancini of Manchester City.


“Please Sir Alex, can we have Rooney? We’re so very hungry for a trophy,” Manchester City’s manager entreated.


Many people think that Rooney knows nothing at all. His recently actions have been guided by his consultant, Paul Stretford.


Coming back Manchester United, Rooney can gain a lot of money


Joining in Manchester City, Rooney can earn a lot of money as well.


The threatening sentence “Join in City and you’re dead” was written on a board with Rooney’s image in Manchester. Is Ferguson is its owner?


Take care, Ferguson! Rooney may bite you



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