Funny and Strange Awards


Are you type of people who want to win an award to enjoy compliment and laurels? A wise person will say: it’s due to which award.


Everyone loves to win an award but sometimes you want to be careful of what you wish for because you may just get it. Winning an award is always fun and it is nice to be recognized. Maybe you won employee of the month at work or perhaps your civic work caused your community to recognize you with an outstanding citizen award. But not every award is one you want to put on your mantle and show off to your family and friends. There is a company in Upstate New York that has a bowling tournament every year. First place is a lovely golden bowling pin for the winner to proudly display. Last prize, and there is a last prize, is an old bowling shoe referred to as the Smelly Shoe Award. An old smelly bowling shoe is not what you want sitting on the mantle at home. Of course it is all in fun but some awards and recognitions can be a little critical and sometimes downright mean.

Mr. Blackwell was a well-known fashion critic who released two lists every year that were highly anticipated. The first was the best-dressed celebrity list and to make it on that list meant a whole new level of recognition from the media and possible opportunities in show business. The other list was the top ten worst dressed celebrities and that was a list that usually meant you would find a rather unattractive picture of yourself in a national tabloid magazine. So Mr. Blackwell’s worst dressed celebrity is definitely not an award you want to win. But that pales in comparison to what the movie industry has to offer.

Few industries have as many awards as the movie industry. Between the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, and the People’s Choice Awards there are hundreds of award winners every year in Hollywood and that does not count things like the Kids Choice Movie Awards or the MTV Movie Awards either. But as good as Hollywood can be at patting itself on the back there are always Hollywood outsiders who are willing to let Hollywood know that not every movie is an award winner. The desire to keep Hollywood in its place has spawned some funny trophies and award shows and the top funny Hollywood award show of them all is the Razzies.

The Razzies is short for the Golden Raspberry Award and it is given every year for the worst actors and worst movies Hollywood put out for the previous year. The trophy is a large golden raspberry and, needless to say, very few Hollywood celebrities show up to the ceremony each year to collect their award. In recent years Hollywood has been continually accused of having no worthwhile movies coming out and that has caused an increase in the media exposure of the Razzies and its accompanying ceremony every year. Many Oscar winning movies are awarded Razzies and it looks like the Razzies will be around for a very long time.