Functional Keratin Cream is the New Standard in Anti Aging Skin Care


Functional Keratin cream is the greatest innovation in anti aging skin care to ever hit the market, but almost nobody knows about it. This is because this formula was developed by a company that is based in New Zealand, and the high praise that this formula has received has been largely drowned out by the juggernaut that is the marketing campaigns of the major cosmetic companies.

Although you hear far more about the products that the major cosmetics corporations are developing, the information that you are getting is mostly self promotion from the companies themselves. You do not get real evaluations of the formulas that these companies produce, because they largely control the media attention that they get with their advertising dollars.

If the real story behind the collagen and elastin based anti aging skin care formulas that the big companies are selling, then you would know that they cannot hold a candle to the effectiveness of Functional Keratin cream. These collagen and elastin formulas will not do a thing to change the way that you look, because the primary ingredients cannot be absorbed by your skin.

These compounds are simply too dense to allow penetration to take place, and therefore they are ineffective as ingredients. The primary compounds in these more effective formulas are easily absorbed by your skin, because they are mainly proteins, enzymes, and plant extracts. These ingredients get where they need to be in order to make a difference.

The main ingredient in Functional Keratin cream is actually a protein and enzyme mixture known as Cynergy TK, of which Functional Keratin is a part. Cynergy TK is the most powerful antioxidant agent that has ever been featured in a cosmetics product. This compound is capable of eradicating hundreds of thousands more free radicals using a single molecule, than any other antioxidant that is currently being used.

There is also an extract found in this formula that has proven successful at raising the level of your hyaluronic acid. Phytessence Wakame is a kelp extract that has the ability to halt the destruction of this delicate tissue by enzymes in your skin that are programmed to destroy it. The elevation of your hyaluronic acid levels will help you in smoothing out the lines from which you suffer.

Now, we get to the duo of keratin proteins that makes the Functional Keratin cream the wonder that it is. The ingredient Functional Keratin erases your lines and wrinkles by promoting the growth of the special cells the transform themselves into collagen and elastin. The influx of the large amount of these two tissues that is produced will literally take years away from your appearance.

Functional Keratin cream also takes advantage of the properties of plant based oils and waxes, which moisturize your skin deeply and provide it with all of the essential ingredients necessary for your skin to be healthy. As you can see, this all natural formula will perform feats that the other products on the market fail to. This is the product that you need if you want to see real results.