From Blogging to a Startup: The ShoutDreams Growth Journey

From Blogging to a Startup: The ShoutDreams Growth Journey

Who would have thought of a blog becoming a serious business?

On 1st December 2008, ShoutMeLoud was started with no business plan. It was just one of the things we do out of passion.

Fast forward 2018 and now ShoutMeLoud is part of ShoutDreams which is changing how blogs are perceived and helping millions around the world to become their own boss.

In this journey, I have had many failures and a few successes. My biggest challenge was to grow it like an organization and coming from an engineering background with no management experience, it was a struggle.

Like any other entrepreneur, I did what one could do best.

Try, fail, repeat, fail until you succeed.

Now, ShoutDreams is a remote company with 5 people working to grow the blog network.

As we are growing, I realize there are things that need to be put in place to ensure proper growth of our employee, organization while ensuring the high quality of our work.

Be it mission/vision, process, KRA (Key Result Areas) or time taking, this all small things added to growing a blog into a startup.

Welcome to this new series where you will learn:

✔️What it takes to grow your company from one person to many
✔️How to get out from the zone of I will do it all myself
✔️How to run a remote company
✔️How to ensure proper growth of everyone including yourself in the company
✔️Learn about meeting minutes
✔️ Tools we use to run our remote company and new tools we are exploring

This is a few part series video and raw in nature. This video will help any Individual (Blogger, freelancer, digital marketer) or a group who wish to grow their startup.

About ShoutMeLoud:

For those who don’t know about ShoutMeLoud, it’s a multi-year award-winning blog with over million subscribers.
With a mission to help individuals grow in the field of blogging and online marketing, and also help them become their own boss. We work with only high-quality people and companies, and our biggest strength is our community.

About ShoutDreams:

ShoutDreams is a parent company of ShoutMeLoud and is a professional blog network.

I will look forward to seeing your comment. Watch this video mindfully and let me know what is the fear, doubt or questions which you want me to address. I don’t promise to answer all your questions, but since I have walked into this path, I would do my best to show you the right path at least.

See you in the next video.

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Harsh Agrawal