Freedom Of Backcountry Skiing And Mountaineering

{flickr|100|campaign} If you want adventure, you must seek the wild, untamed adventure only the mountains can offer. Adventure sports like skiing and mountaineering can be fun, but a lot less fun under limited spaces of a ski resort. Riding the same old terrain that millions like you have treaded on in the past fails to supply sufficient dose of excitement and thrill. Backcountry skiing, climbing and mountaineering, on the other hand, is a completely elevating and enchanting experience for intrepid and savvy mountaineers. The sheer pleasure of having to pass through a declining white path of powdered snow without the knowledge of the upcoming obstacles or unpredictable weather conditions has all the chances to pump up your adrenalin to great heights.

Doesnt matter what season of the year you plan to go on your backcountry expedition, skiing or climbing, you must always be ready to face the challenges that either a deep powder snow has to offer you in mid-winter or compact corn-snow has to offer you during spring time. The unknown twists and turns in the glide of your skiing expedition sharpens your senses and helps you spruce up your multitasking skills. If you are an amateur skier then you better stick to familiar grounds, the backcountry skiing and mountaineering is for serious mountain adventurers who have reached advanced levels of skiing and climbing.

Noah Howell, a renowned backcountry skier and mountaineer who also manages a ski movie production house called the Powderwhore Productions has devotedly dedicated his passion of adventure skiing and mountaineering in the untraced paths of the highest mountains and peaks of the world and recorded his thrilling and overwhelming experiences on ski film after ski film. He also has a website that talks about his experience with his godly white powder pal in the untracked terrains and mountainous Alps.

When asked about his backcountry ski adventures, Noah says, “Skiing powder is fun, adventure is great and nature is beautiful. Those are all major reasons why I spend over 100 days a year backcounry skiing. However, the thing I enjoy most is the freedom. With the right gear and snow conditions you can go anywhere and ski anything you want. No tickets to buy, waivers to sign, ski patrol to evade, lift lines to cut or designated runs to follow. Just one huge white covered world to explore, limited only by your will and imagination. Where else is there anything like this, besides in dreams? The choices are yours to make and the consequences yours to keep. Awareness is heightened. Yes, you may get hurt, but you can do that anywhere, even in a world covered in caution signs and slow banners. With risk comes great reward and there are very few places like the backcountry where I can move so freely and reap the direct benefits of my efforts.”