Free Weekly Horoscope for the week of 20th September 2010


Aries. Do not touch your investments or bank account for now, just let them accumulate. This is not a very good time to sell stocks or spend your money. You have to get out and about to visit everyone in the next couple of weeks. This is expected of you now even though it means a lot of travelling around. Actually you will enjoy the travel even though you do not think that you will.

Taurus. This is the week to just sit back for rest and relaxation. Other than someone wanting for you to drive them places, there is not anything of great importance going on. Everything appears to be on hold now whilst you contemplate what you must to do next. It may take you a few months before you decide those priorities. Meanwhile you are simply playing a waiting game.

Gemini. Somebody may have just moved away and you may feel a little guilty. But after all, this is just what you wanted. Suddenly you are very comfortable again. Conditions will show that the move is a good one and, in another week or so, you will realize this and feel much better. You are in the process of making some excellent plans, some of which may include an unexpected vacation trip.

Cancer. You are feeling good about yourself and your prospects but those around you are not listening to you right now. Folks are trying to push you in different directions and you really do not wish to go there at this time. You need to put your foot down and insist. Be sure that your ideas mesh with what others want to hear this month. Rethink your strategies and throw out whatever is not working and try another approach.

Leo. Everything seems as if it is going very well for you this month. Finances are up a bit and you feel satisfied with yourself. Plans are going smoothly. Leave your investments alone. It may be difficult for you but just wait it out. Improvements will come next year. This is not a good time to expand you business or to start a business. It is also not a good idea to change any course of study you are taking.

Virgo. Now is an excellent time to take up new studies to augment what you already have learned. Repairs at home will have to wait until at least next month when your finances will be better. What you need right now is a new, practical budget with which you can work. You have so many projects ahead of you in the planning stages that you need to choose one and get it done and out of the way.

Libra. Ideas and plans for the future are flowing smoothly now and you may have some travel in mind. Mid week could bring a surprise visitor from the past to your home. This appears to be a good time to catch up on paper work and correspondence that has been neglected. You might be thinking of taking some sort of a self improvement course in the next couple of months. It will be something to enhance to your skills.

Scorpio. Cutting into your budget with a large expense now seems to have been a good move. As the next season comes along, you should be able to easily replace the funds. Next month you may want to take a special course to help improve your income. Such a move will replace that money even faster. With that action, you will also find that you will learn lessons even quicker than you have in the past.

Sagittarius. You will find this month busy and maybe even a bit upsetting. The changes in your life have kept you somewhat off balance this week. Whatever personal change was involved, in the long run it was for the better. You are fast to argue or at least debate with people this month. However you need to be careful of what you say and do. Always keep in mind that the foot in your mouth may be your own.

Capricorn. This is a time period when you need to leave your investments alone while they accumulate on their own. People will be coming to you now with offers. You are in a position to more or less pick and choose what you want. Anything you may have missed out on before, you get another chance at it. This is not a good time to move either yourself or your business since it is too much trouble. Wait three weeks.

Aquarius. You may receive a surprise gift by mid week. Someone seems to be doing some shopping on your behalf. Company will probably arrive about that time also. Demands are being made on your time now but you are helping out with a good heart and an excellent attitude. It is your attitude which helps everything run smoothly. You also have some excellent ideas to contribute at this time.

Pisces. As always, people are asking you for favours or for a loan this week. The favours you can supply but your own finances are a little rocky right now. Learn to say no to loans even though your heart has always said yes. This is a good time to learn to use your intuition. You may also think about taking up some kind of artistic studies that can lead to a new hobby and maybe even bring in some extra earnings.