Free Reiki + Time Travel & Timelines + Gaia’s Return & More!

Free Reiki + Time Travel & Timelines + Gaia’s Return & More!

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This Reiki will be guided by Heru as he helps bring out the Spiritual Warrior from within primarily through the Solar Plexus to help with this intense season of change. During this attunement, there will also be healing and balancing of the Chakras, DNA activation and new light codes for accelerated awaking or a spiritual quickening. Please follow the instructions below when you are ready to receive the attunement. This Reiki will be open from 11/26 until Dec 1st midnight. Feel free to set time aside during this window period.

Find a quiet comfortable space to sit or lay. Center yourself by taking 3 deep breaths in preparation for healing.

Put your hands in prayer position and say out loud “Calling in Light Of Heru Reiki channeled by Auset NTRU Gaia.”

Relax, listen to soothing music if you’d like with your palms facing up allowing the energy to flow though you, starting from your Root Chakra all the way to your Crown Chakra.

Approx 20 minutes later, the session will end. There is no need to set a timer, you will intuitively know when the session has ended as it may take more or less time for you.

As your session ends, open your eyes slowly, take 3 more deep breaths and simply say out loud “Thank you Heru and Auset for this Light Of Heru Reiki.”

What to expect

During the session, you may feel tingles and vibrations in your body. You may also feel your chakras spinning and opening up, especially the chakras or parts of the body that need the most healing. Don’t be alarmed, these sensations are completely normal.
Balance and Healing Reiki can take anywhere up to 30 days to fully materialize as layers of healing, realizations and awakenings will continue to make itself known. Major transformation and clearing of obstacles are also what can be expected with this particular attunement as blockages are cleared, so don’t be surprised to see drastic changes in circumstances, all for the highest good and betterment of your personal growth.


Golden light Bath For Protection (Great to do right after Reiki attunement if possible)

Draw a bath. Pleas do not use this as your bath for bathing. If you need to clean your body, please take a shower before this bath if needed. Do not add any type of bath salts to the water. Feel free to add essential oils, crystals and herbs to your liking.

Set the mood by playing high frequency music and light candles & incense if you wish!

Before getting in, rub your two palms together and envision Golden Light funneling into your crown chakra, and out through your palms. After you’ve felt you’ve conjured up enough light, place your left hand on your heart and use your right had to scan over your bath water. See and feel the water turn gold as you transform your bath water into liquid gold.

Once you feel you’ve fully transformed the bath water, step into your liquid gold and relax. Say some positive and affirming words over your water if you wish.

Before draining the tub, take a few jars and scoop as much water out to save for later use. You have officially created your own divine elixir.

Use water for protective spray for your space, hair or body if you chose to. You can also freeze your water for later or set your a jar of water on your alter or around the house where you feel it needs the most protection. No need to cover the water, allow it to evaporate over time.