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When it comes to making money online and maximizing your
knack to tap into some of the most well-paying niche
markets, developing a targeted subscriber base of responsive
subscribers and customers is an solid component in your
marketing arsenal.

List building is all about connecting with your target
audience by offering them high quality information and
frequently working towards building a strong friendship
with each and every subscriber.

Email marketers collect leads using squeeze pages that are
focused on specific topics, and include an «opt-in
form» that includes text fields such as a visitors
full name and email address, and acts as the doorway into
your autoresponder system.

These opt-in boxes are produced by your autoresponder
provider and are embedded into the HTML code of your squeeze
page template with just a few clicks of your mouse.
Each time a visitor to your squeeze page enters in their
name and email address, they are added to your mailing list
database, and become an active subscriber of your

Once a subscriber is a confirmed member of your list, you
can begin sending follow up emails that offer high quality
information, such as articles, reports, links to blog posts,
video guides and other information and resources that your
subscribers would be find useful.

List building helps facilitate the process of converting
subscribers into active customers, since once your prospect
has been added to our mailing list, you are able to develop
alliancethrough your follow-up email broadcasts.

In truth, there is no faster or easier way to jump up your
online income than with a relevant, targeted and responsive
mailing list. You can get 10x the work done in half the time
when you are able to instantly touch base with a built-in
customer base, who are hooked in specific topics or
niche markets.

For example, with a mailing list you can simply create
broadcasts that go out to your whole subscriber base that
feature a combination of high quality info and content with
promotional based offers and promotions.

You can then cover affiliate promotions for products and
services that are relevant to your list, but more
importantly, you are able to generate feedback, tap into
your market in such a way that you know exactly what they
are enticed in acquiring and what they are most likely to
respond to.

Imagine the possibility for achievement when you have an active subscriber
base, right at your fingertips. You can email them any time
you like, with fresh offers, high quality content and
valuable assets that work towards helping you establish
yourself within these niche markets, while building a solid
relationship with your subscriber base.

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