Formula 1 – An Elite Sport


The very name Formula One suggests its status: it signifies the rules (or “formula”) binding the constructors and drivers, the highest standards for any auto sport. Virtually every dimension of the body is spelled, out, producing the distinct look known to F1 cars. The various F1 circuits run over the years have also included significant limitations on the engines of the machines, evolving over the years. Starting this season hybrid technology (kinetic energy recovery, it is officially termed) is allowed, but highly regulated. Just about the only thing NOT strictly controlled would be the F1 merchandise, celebrating one’s favourite F1 drivers or constructors.

And the names one wears when celebrating the top constructors with F1 merchandise are also clues to the sport’s elite status. Over the years the best F1 results have been seen by the biggest names in high performance, high priced luxury automobiles: Ferrari is everywhere associated with speed, wealth, and the top F1 drivers; but also Lotus, Renault, Mercedes-Benz and Alfa Romeo to name just a few. The UK’s great constructors are McLaren (associated with Mercedes-Benz) and Williams (lately using Toyota engines). Underscoring the elite status of the sport, the sport’s governing body-the FIA-fined McLaren $ 100 million in 2007, the largest fine in sporting history. These companies build performance machines that perform for their bottom lines.

And the brisk sale F1 Grand Prix tickets even in these trying economic times add to that bottom line’s health. Formula One, despite its regulations, is a dangerous sport. Drivers pull down gravity forces akin to those felt by astronauts in launch when they round the perilous corners of Grand Prix tracks across the various F1 circuits. The stresses wrought on the body by such forces and the vision necessary for snapping those turns at 300 km/h distinguish F1 drivers as the most elite drivers in the most elite machines in the most elite sport in all the world. Check out F1 results, F1 merchandise and all our other elite auto sport resources today!