Former Singer with Boy Band LFO Dies of Leukemia


What a bombshell and pity! Rich Cronin, former lead singer of the boy band LFO and the writer of its 1999 hit “Summer Girls,” died on Wednesday after a battle with leukemia, celebrity news site TMZ reported. He was 35. The news was also reported via Twitter by Lance Bass, a former member of ‘N Sync, who described Cronin as “an amazing guy.” It was not clear where Cronin died.  Well, what a damn, why does the Almighty God have the heart to take such a talented, energetic and fabulous guy away?  Doesn’t he know that the handsome and awesome singer make difference in most young living souls? Frankly I still can’t believe my eyes.  Focus on the above picture, the dashing hero is just there on his favorite stage singing to his heart’ content and striking the cord with his massive fans, how cool does he look with the cool shirt, a bit resembling the popular men’s polo shirt, as well as the close-fitting jeans, what a sunny boy, can anyone buy the story about his gone away?


You know, the Boston native co-founded LFO — short for “Lyte Funky Ones” — in 1995 with Brad Fischetti and Brian Gillis (who was later replaced by Devin Lima). They signed a deal with Lou Pearlman, the now-imprisoned pop impresario behind ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. But Cronin sought to differentiate his band from other male vocal groups, which relied on outside songwriters and producers to deliver soulful pop hits. LFO introduced hip-hop and rock into the equation, and hit No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart with the inescapable summer anthem “Summer Girls.” And The follow-up, “Girl on TV,” reached No. 10, but subsequent singles failed to crack the top 40. The band broke up in 2003.  Well, if the dice is cast, I hereby have no choice but to wave farewell to him and pray that merciful God would hold dear him in the heaven and bless his music talent.


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