Forgotten Dreams 9



In the heat and the horror
Both love and the hate
My soul feels conjointly
As I wait and I wait…

…As I wait in the paddock for my mate

With the pain and the problems
That come day by day
With sorrow and laughter
My memory does play

…Reflecting on these I wait for my mate

Country’s cycle of seasons
Bring heat haze and glare
Comes rain, crops abundant
Pastures green, pastures bare

…Rememb’ring them all, I lean on the gate

Mobs of sheep and the lambing
The hot shearing shed
Billy tea and my scones
And the new shed hand, Ted

…Farm’s a mixed blessing for women who wait

Sudden rain and the flash floods
Dashed hopes and the dreams
Nature’s strength, indifference
Taunting, always it seems

…As I wait and I wait…



Turn churlish face to laughter
Turn midnight into dawn
Turn storms to shining raindrops
Feel happy to be born!

Turn sorrow into wisdom
From pain we grow to health
Finance into means to ends
Know love the final wealth

Admire instead of envy
From hate, compassion born
Sad loss of things you value
Enjoy another dawn

Appreciate, be happy!
Turn all bad things to good
Live life with full enjoyment
Gift of life, then understood!



Oh! I do love and truly give
All best of life and love to you,
All my gifts and all my pleasure
Are for you alone to treasure.

Cherish carefully all I give thee
Give not what I give you freely
Yearn not for another’s heart home
Mine is ready for your return

Softly sweetly yearning ever
I surrender all my graces
And regard that the faces past
Retreat to leave us free at last

So handsome strong and kind are you
So loving caring sharing true
What indeed could I wish from thee
But blessing of fidelity

Give no straying thought to others
Nor my confidence to brothers
All from me to you is sacred
Ours the love which strips souls naked

We’re free to love and free to share
Free to cherish and each to care
What would all this fine love become
If spoiled, not free from fear and shame

Let my heart be warm comforted
Let me know that your love is true
Let me hear from you its value
Let me sleep safe, never worried

Love is the nourishment of soul
Love is first needed, most of all
Love is patient, if strong and true
What more needed, if I have you?



Save the cackle of the chooks
Save the crackle of the fire
And the creaks in our tin roof
And the fly, persistent, buzzing by
All is peaceful here…

Only the yawning of the dog
The sparkles shot out from the log
Sometimes spattering of rain
And that darned rooster, once again
All is quiet here…

Sometimes distant truck upon the road
Sometimes a plane up far above
But we’re lucky here in our abode
Far removed from city’s hub
All is restful here…

My books also companions true
I reach for one to find anew
Quiet thoughts, the thoughts inspired
To read again, when one is tired
So much knowledge here…

Looking forward to the candle’s glow
The magic, nightly shadow show
Where fancies stir and shape the mind
And moods romantic, make heart kind
To love the world and all that’s part
All is loving here…

Comforting, the cackle of the chooks
And my contentment with my books
Fireside flickering on my face
What a homely, tranquil place –
I feel so sleepy here…



The flowers of the forest are blooming, my darling
The flowers of the forest are blooming in the Spring
And so shall the joy of our love and our laughter
Lighten lives of others and inspire them to sing

The flowers of the forest are fruiting my darling
The flowers of the forest are scattering their seed
And so shall our love spread its joy and its pleasure
That others may know satisfaction to be freed

The flowers of the forest are sleeping, my darling
The flowers of the forest resting peacefully unseen
And if I should sleep like the flowers of the forest,
Please you must remember and look forward to Spring

So when I ‘m asleep like the flowers in the forest
When I am dead and gone and you have no one near
Then listen till I call, I’ll call you, my darling
Listen very closely and my words you will hear

That Love is eternal, like the flowers in the forest
And love will bloom again in the soul-Spring of the year!



Fly away from the good earth
The place of your present birth

Spread your wings as you aspire
Find, fulfil your heart’s desire

Open wide your radiant mind
Treasures there are great you’ll find

Wisdom of life and its worth
Comes, returns old truths to earth

And, diamond true, love anew
Will return to refresh you

You’ll one day want to return
To this Earth, this you will learn

Leave heaven to plunge to earth
The fond, first place of your birth

Fly freely away on spirit’s duty
Return once again to earth’s great beauty

In your going, take no sense of tragic
Only a wealth of memories magic.



Harsh discordant sound of clash and clang and clamor
From these, my mind flees to the silent realms of peace
Tranquil inner place where one refreshes spirit
Sensitive, attuned to hear harmonies of Space.

Sometimes my yearning takes me up to the mountains
Where high snow peaks and whiteness washes o’er my soul.
Other times my being drawn to sea and waters
Like magnet is my need for comfort from the waves.

Far away from human clash and clang and clamour
Of people’s noises, discords, harshness I must go
Seek the quiet green harmony, of natural beauty
Hear only the real music of Life’s symphony.



When every thought, so polished seemed
Gave birth to generous action gleamed
Yet effort always went askew
No response was true

When every deed seemed selfless, plain
Motive of no self-seeking gain
Yet came no spark of human love
Nor from high above

The law of life is clear, I’m told
Experience leads me be more bold
What teaching clear I have been shown,
Is but rarely known

I’ve seen the darkest path of life
I’ve trodden hurtful ways of strife
I’m strong in faith, clear in vision
Why fail, I question?

I try with all the skills I know
Wait patiently my plan to grow
But linger on – no longer try
Left to ponder…why?

Why has my plan not taken root
Why trampled under heavy boot
By those I wish to help and heal
Rejection – defeat ?

Thus I can reason only more
My plan is not in heaven’s store
And I must cease to try and find
Why my fate unkind

I’ve reason to hold to my dream
Valued, once, or so it did seem
Yet concede my tools are now spent
My poor heart is rent.

Should I go forward, battle on?
Should I retire, my dream quite gone
Should I yield or contrive to win
What great frustration now I’m in!


Copyright © “Forgotten Dreams – a Collection of Poems” -by Elizabeth S. Adams 2000