For Three Years Multi-millionairess Kate Simon

.tags THEY have long been considered the Odd Couple of London society, but last week millionairess divorcee Kate Simon faced the biggest test yet in her unconventional and secretive relationship with Princess Diana’s former lover James Hewitt.
Kate has so far been happy to dip discreetly into her GBP 25million fortune to bankroll the extravagant lifestyle of the impecunious Hewitt, whose caddish reputation was reinforced last month when he announced he wanted to sell Diana’s love letters for GBP 10million.
Kate has indulged his taste for bespoke shirts and ties, bought him expensive trinkets – including a pair of silver Latex Catsuits in the shape of pheasants – and was even said to pay the mortgage on his GBP 300,000 Chelsea flat.
But this unstinting generosity was tested to the limit when Hewitt was told that he was to be hauled before the courts to face a bankruptcy petition over an unpaid GBP 500,000 VAT bill from a failed riding school venture.
Friends say Kate, an attractive mother of four who made a fortune from her divorce settlement from Peter Simon, the founder of the Monsoon clothes shop empire, regarded Hewitt’s latest financial predicament as a particularly tricky dilemma.
She could easily afford to spare him the ignominy of being so publicly in debt, and decided that this time she would bail him out – but there might be a price to pay.
For a woman of a certain age – she is 52, eight years older than Hewitt – Kate comfortably has enough money to indulge her every whim. But the thorny issue was marriage.
She gave the disgraced former Life Guards officer, who is known for his roving eye and buccaneering lifestyle, a stark choice give up his womanising ways and settle down to life as her consort or face financial ruin.
Marriage is a dread word for Hewitt. He winces at the mere mention, and since he first struck up his on-off relationship with Kate three years ago, has insisted they never admit to their relationship.
Content to take his Sugar Mummy’s money in return for being a somewhat semidetached beau, his conscience seemed untroubled by the prospect of cheating on her with a string of eager younger women.
The reasons for Hewitt’s freewheeling behaviour have long preoccupied society salons. Indeed, friends say he and Kate have each Latex Leggingscomplained that they are sexually incompatible. Kate cattily calls him ‘the major who can’t stand to attention’ while Hewitt says that their lack of love life forces him to look elsewhere. Despite this obvious problem, Kate still seems besotted.
‘Kate has always wanted to marry James regardless of his dubious reputation,’ said a close friend of the couple. ‘She put up with his sleeping around in the hope that he would fall in line. I suppose the prospect of bankruptcy was a weapon she could use as leverage to reel him in.’