For a great weekend away try Leura in The Blue Mountains


Australia has countless lovely cities. Leura, Blue Mountains NSW is an example of these. Leura’s proximity to Sydney (it is only 99km away) makes it an ideal option for people who are searhing for a holiday destination that offers a more natural appeal than the occasionally harsh atmosphere of modern cities. Located in the Blue Mountains, the attraction of Leura has seen it earn names such as the ‘Jewel in the Mountains Crown’ or ‘the Garden Village’. All of these terms do the town justice.

There are several beautiful gardens Leura a few of which have gone on to win awards. Carefully tended and maintained throughout the year, these gardens stay vibrant all through the year regardless of the time or season-a feature that most holiday makers have, over the years, come to love and appreciate.

Some destinations in Leura have grown to become more popular than others. For example, most visitors to Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW inevitably end up visiting the Everglade garden. Designed in the 1920s by the famed landscaper, Paul Sorensen, the Everglade garden is an exquisite garden made up of carefully planted trees, shrubs and landscape sandstone terraces located in the background. Many families come to the everglades to have a picnic or take long quieting walks.

If you’re visiting Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW, you should certainly consider stopping by one of the several waterfalls that can be found around the town. You’ll find the similarly named Leura falls as well as the Bridal Veil Falls and the Lila falls. If you’re eager enough to advance further up north, you’ll be able to catch even more picturesque views and sights by visiting the Mount Hay region.

But even though the beauty of Leura’s gardens has grown to be legendary, the city does still offer additional attractions. For example, it is home to the largest collection of toys and railway models in the country. Housed in the Leura Toy museum is the broadest collection of dolls, teddies and other toys to be found.

Visitors can also stop by any of the several restaurants and cafes within the town to enjoy a finely cooked meal of local cuisine or enjoy a pleasant cup of coffee. Given its famed beauty, having a camera is always a good idea when traveling to Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW, you’ll be able to get some really great looking shots within the town. You’ll also find truly memorable vistas by visiting regions like the Sublime point, that is sited about 900m above sea level.

In the end, Leura, Blue Mountains is an ideal vacation spot for those who wish to enjoy their holiday around natural and beautiful settings.  You’ll be able to easily select from a variety of Leura  accommodation options during your visit as well as benefit from a firsthand experience of  the local culture of the region. Sometimes, a town comes along and sweeps you of your feet with the novelty of the experience. Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW is one of those.