Footprints To Malawi And Flights To Malawi From Uk


The Republic of Malawi is a land locked African country located towards the south east. It has now become the well liked destination for tourists while trip to Africa. Many tourists’ affectionately book their cheap flights to Malawi globally. The site offers much more to recreation like fresh clear blue, waterfalls, impressive sceneries, lime green forests, wide refreshing parks, beautifully adorned chalets in these parks, white shiny sandy beaches, and what not. For the past few years the Malawian government is also launching the development projects to boost the tourism industry in the country.

Moreover, the country is much blessed with bird life and the wild life. The country is home to a lot of national parks that are working for the welfare of wounded and orphaned animals. People engaged in the societies of wild life especially reserve for Malawi Cheap Flights from all over the world. Not only the wild life but also the unbelievable aquatic life, only the Rift valley lakes are home to hundreds of incredible fresh water species like mudfish, jelly fish, usipa, lake salmon, and catfish etc and even each year new species are discovered. From May to October, it is best to visit Malawi and hundreds of visitors book cheap flights to Malawi around the globe in these months. The climatic conditions in these months get so cheerful, with glowing visibility that is also essential for photography. Swimming, snorkeling fishing, and hiking, are favorite tourists’ activities.

Jazz dances are the notable features of the Malawi culture. On the marriage ceremonies, inaugural shows, national & special days, cultural and art festivals these traditional dances and performances are seen at the boom. The performers plan their cheap flights to Malawi to participate in these cultural shows. Aditionally, the special dance groups are officially appointed by the Government for these shows.

The economy of Malawi is mainly dependable on Agriculture and tobacco is the chief product. The town, located in Lilongwe is the major trade center of tobacco. People from all over the world who deal with the trade of tobacco reserve particularly their flights to Malawi to market their tobacco products. Kasungu is the main hub of tobacco business in the country for processing, vending, manufacturing, and export .

Malawi also offers a large number of beaches and sea sides to hang out and to have leisure holidays. Chintheche beaches, Monkey Bay, Senga Bay, are some of the sight seeing places. Tourists from all over arrange their flights to Malawi to spend their summer vacations.