Flying Ant Treatment


It is prudent to know certain things about this flying insect before resorting to flying ant treatment. The flying ants are sexually mature males and females. The females have larger wings than the males. They belong to the black ant family called lasius Niger. Female and male ants fly together while mating. This flight is known as the nuptial flight. They normally visit when the weather is humid and hot.

The flying ants and the termites swarm the households almost at the same time. The termites and the flying ants have similar appearances. Termites have wings of the same size, whereas, the flying ants have larger front wings. The flying ants have bent antennae with thin waists while the termites have straight antennae with broad waists.

The potency and quantum of flying ant treatment should be decided on the basis of the problem. There may only be few ants flying in and around the house. Such uncalled visits should be tackled with an ordinary ant spray.

The queens shed their wings immediately after mating. They start looking for places to make nests to develop their colony. The flying ant treatment becomes indispensable if there are large number of colonies and nests. Ant baits and poisons as flying ant treatment are available in the market. The shopkeeper may help you decide the brand to be used. These baits are kept near and encircling the nests and colonies. If you are using poison powder then a different strategy flying ant treatment will work better. The poison powder is sprinkled directly on the infested area. A stick may be liberally powdered with the poison and the same may be inserted in the hole, nest, or colony. In both the cases, the powder adheres to the feet and body of ants and enters deeply into their abode. Large number of ants gets killed with the application of flying ant treatment in this way.

Sometimes, in some places, the menace may be big enough to be handled by a house holder. A professional agency for flying ant treatment may be called upon. These agencies are competent to handle any size of flying ants. They know about the hidden colonies of the ants. The cost of getting flying ant treatment from professionals may be high, but they give a time bound guarantee against such infestation. Safety is one big advantage in professional handling.