Florists Use Email Marketing to Get ahead of the Competition


While often remembered during the holidays or for an anniversary, many florists are floundering during the rest of the year. With email marketing, florists can stay in the forefront of their customers’ minds and ahead of the competition. Through the use of email reminders, email newsletters and email coupons or announcements, florists can give the individualized attention that clients appreciate without the time or hassle of doing it manually. Email marketing can help retain current customers while also reaching new markets without breaking your marketing budget.

Most florists have repeat customers that are the mainstay of their revenue stream. Generally, these customers only come to the florist one or two times a year. With email reminders, you can alert your customers to upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays automatically. Your clients will appreciate the reminder and the personal touch. With a clear and detailed database of customers and past orders, these email reminders will be sent out routinely without you or your staff having to sift through old order forms or client files.

Another email marketing tool that is quickly becoming an invaluable asset is email newsletters. Email newsletters can highlight new designs, flowers that are in season, large projects that a florist has supplied flowers for, or even congratulatory messages for clients celebrating weddings and other events. Have a large supply of tulips? Write about the different varieties you have on stock, their meanings, and how they make lovely ‘Thinking of You’ bouquets. Are you worried about running out of roses in February? Write an article about other flowers that also express love and affection and display pictures of alternative designs. In addition, remember to write about living bouquets for those environmentally conscious clients. Email newsletters can be a wonderful tool to help poise your sales for growth. With email marketing software, email newsletters have pre-set templates that can be quickly personalized with your own information and sent out to your entire database in an instant.

For slow months in which you are anticipating small revenue streams, send out coupons for specials on arrangements. As you never know who has a birthday or event that isn’t on your database, by sending out email announcements and coupons, you can remind your customers that flowers are the perfect choice for any occasion. These announcements can be sent not only to your own database, but to other white hat lists available through your email marketing software and service.

Email marketing helps streamline your revenue so that you won’t suffer from severe dips in income during slow months. Personalized treatment for clients used to demand high staff hours. With email marketing software, everything is easy and quick with pre-set templates, automatic emails and instant coupons or announcements. An added benefit to email marketing is the fact that every piece of marketing can quickly be forwarded on to friends with just the click of a button, allowing you to have a much further reach without extending your marketing budget. By staying in the forefront of your customers’ minds in a friendly and positive way, you can increase your income and stay ahead of your competition.