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The home is the centre of family life, it is one’s nucleus therefore to be comfortable in your home is to be happy in your home. Having the best quality décor and the most well thought out colour schemes is vital when making the house a home.

Over the years style and taste when it comes to home décor has changed dramatically, there has never been more choice in relation to flooring and decorative soft furnishings such as curtains and blinds. Choosing the right carpets or the right wooden floor is very important especially when you are spending a significant amount of money.

The economic downturn has seen people taking more pride in decorating their homes rather than moving into a new home. Therefore there is no better time to give the home a makeover. Even a small change like some new curtains can give a room a whole new look and feel. There are many beautiful homes in the UK from Hertfordshire to the capital city; there will always be no shortage of places to purchase a beautiful set of new curtains, blinds or a new carpet for the bedroom or living area. When it comes to carpets there is endless choice, you can go for level loop carpets which are good for high traffic areas, or you could opt for a multilevel loop carpet. This type of carpet is softer, more luxurious and is best for areas of low traffic.

When it comes to wood flooring you could consider going for real oak flooring, mahogany or even bamboo which has become very popular in recent years. These are traditionally more expensive than going for the laminate option which is a much cheaper less resilient option to go for. Most specialist flooring shops should stock all options, and some also offer a fitting service or a fitting advisory service.

Home décor is a vital part of making a house feel homely and it can also be the difference between renting or selling a house and not renting or selling house. It is well known that a nicely decorated house can sell for more than a house that is poorly decorated with little attention paid to detail. When decorating the home, it is always best to seek professional advice and if the budget allows get  a professional to fit carpets, wooden flooring, blinds and curtains. There is nothing worse than badly fitted curtains, a poorly laid wooden floor and inaccurately placed blinds.