Flash Your Ad in Blogs for Maximum Profits


Online advertising through blogs have an added advantage of higher chances of getting more web traffic to your website. Usually place an ad on a blog which is in relevance to their website, thereby increasing the instances of getting traffic through that ad. Here people see your online ad then contact you by clicking on the link which takes them to your website, and they can purchase any product or service in which they are interested. Here the advertising is somewhat like offline one.

But here you get the benefit of backlinks, which are links that tip towards your website or the blog. There are many ways to build up good backlinks. Sometimes if people like your website and posts a link to yours on a forum or blog, it can be considered as a backlink. Mentioning their existence on your website is also a type of backlink.

Backlinks can be considered as milestone which makes people and search engines realize the importance of your website.

But do not stay dependant on backlinking on some other person’s website, put in ads on various blogs that have higher web traffic and have business similar to yours ( but they should not be your competitors).

You can reap benefits by advertising on online classifieds and other sites, as Google prefers blogs and give faster indexes to them. Blog is usually updated on regular basis, as we all know Google always prefer fresh content and finds it very quickly. Also if that blog has registered visitors, they would get an update about any modifications or additions been made, thus more traffic can be expected.

You can advertise on someone else’s blog in many ways, but it does depend upon their site offerings. Not all blog owners display ads in a similar fashion. For example one may put your banner on their home page whereas other may put the ad as blog post having in-text link. Some blogs give permanent link whereas some may give temporary ones for fixed time duration. The former ones should be preferred, so that you continue your association with a good blog and receive continuous flow of visitors.

Keep the factor of relevancy on top while selecting the blogs for advertising purpose. In case you choose a blog whose visitors would not be interested in your ad, then it would surely be a waste. Also the blog that you choose should be updated regularly.

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