Flash Banner Ads Myths

.tags So far as online advertising tools go both banner and flash ads are useful and used by lots of businesses. Either of them can be used to market your products or services on the internet and despite the fact that they serve the same objective there are a few distinct differences between the two. It is important to recognize the distinctions and select the one that work best with your needs.

Plain banner ads are displayed just as their name implies. Wide, short banner ads are usually placed at the top or bottom of a Web page, and tall, narrow banner ads are often inserted along either the right or left side of a Web page.

Banner ads can be made to attract more attention by using vivid colors, catchy phrases, or special fonts. These ads are shown to the user when a Web page related to the banner ad is searched and loaded onto the user’s Web browser.

When the banner ad is displayed on a user’s monitor, the user can click on the ad to be connected to the advertised Web site. This is known as a “click through rate.”

The advertiser could also gain as he can monitor the number of visitors that he gets to his offer by analyzing the click through rate. It is then possible to change the banner or its location to improve results.

Advertisements that use Adobe Flash are known as flash ads. Adobe Flash was previously known as Shockwave Flash and Macromedia Flash. Adobe Flash advertisements enable both animation and user interaction. Flash ads will surely generate more interest in your advertisement. Videos and animation work very well with Adobe Flash, providing you a lot more advertisement options.

Although Flash ads can be very vibrant and attractive, advertisements using Adobe Flash can take longer to download than plain banner ads. Viewing Flash ads does not typically require a plug-in, such as Windows Media Player or Quicktime, so every user will be able to view the advertisement.

The use of Adobe Flash for advertisements is becoming increasingly popular. One of the advantages of using Flash ads to promote your business is that you are almost guaranteed that people will notice your advertisement. It is not easy to look at a Web page that has an advertisement that uses animation or video without at least looking to see what the advertisement is promoting. This can also be the downside of using Flash ads.

As a result of vast number of ads contending for the attention of surfers they could become annoying. When people seek out information on a particular topic, ads that get in the way could be bothersome to the visitors pursuit of information.

Think about the demographics of your target market group. Some consumers will be more inclined to look at an ad which simply states the necessary facts in a clear way, without any added hype, as banner ads do. Other consumers prefer exciting, novel advertising, which Flash ads provide. Know your audience and select your advertising based on their particular preferences.