Fix The 2 Red Lights Error – Easy Steps to Fix the Deadly Two Red Lights Errors


The Xbox 360 two red lights error is very a common error that the Xbox 360 users face. According to a survey, this error has affected more than ten million consoles worldwide since 2006. However, with the development of technology, it is possible to fix this problem and it is not very difficult to do so.

In order to fix the two red lights error. It is important to know what causes this problem and the ways in which you can fix it. How is the error cause in the first place? This error is caused as the connected components between the motherboard and X-clamps become loose. As a result of this, the video display system malfunctions. This happens as the connection between the motherboard and the GPU is lost. This is how the two red light error is caused.

How can you fix the two red lights error? You can easily fix this error with the help of the following steps:

1. Open your console and carefully remove the motherboard.
2. Tighten the screws, which are present on the opposite side of the motherboard and fitted on the X-clamps.
3. After doing that carefully put everything back together and turn on your Xbox 360 and check whether the two red lights have gone.

If your Xbox 360 is still showing the two red lights error, then another best way is to get a Xbox repair guide for yourself. It contains easy step by step video instructions and you will be able to fix your Xbox easily with the help of this repair guide. If you don’t have the repair guide, then it can be downloaded from the internet with a very less charge. However, you should be careful to download the repair guide from a reputed site in order to be assured to get the best results.